The Lusty Wench

Fine food from known sources, for pirates, smugglers and landlubbers!,

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The Lusty Wench Steakhouse & Fish Restaurant is situated in the heart of Brixham, famous for pirates, smuggling and, of course, fresh fish.

Sam and Tim are your hosts: "We aim to provide you with a first class service and excellent food. We buy from as many local sources as possible, so that the journey from field to fork is as short as possible. Our steaks and lamb come from just a few miles away and our fish comes from Brixham Quay. We bake our own bread and desserts are also made on the premises."

"Of course seafarers eat fish, and some is more tasty than the rest, and they know which to go for, but after months in the main, a bit of beef or lamb is very desirable, washed down with a bit of decent grog, on the subject of which, our wines offer especially good value for money, and are all excellent quality."

Waddeton Steaks ~
The Lusty Wench buy steaks from a local butcher, who uses cattle reared in a stress-free environment. There are two herds in Waddeton, less than 5 miles from Brixham. 

Brixham Catch 
Fish is bought locally from Brixham boats. You can’t get fresher or better!


  • 13a The Quay
  • Brixham
  • Devon
  • TQ5 8AW


  • 01803 853131

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