Tuesday, 25 May 2021 16:51

Auditions for Little Shop of Horrors at Brixham Theatre

Auditions are open for the rock musical Little Shop of Horrors which will be performed in the autumn at Brixham Theatre.

The auditions are planned for 13th-14th June 2021 at the theatre in preparation for the comedy rock musical show by the town’s drama group BOADS.

Meek and mild flower shop assistant Seymour takes a shine to colleague Audrey and during an eclipse, he discovers an unusual plant which he names Audrey II which hides a gruesome secret – it only eats human flesh and blood! Business booms at the shop but things soon take a turn for the worse…..

Auditions start on Sunday 13th June with the role for Audrey between 11am and 12 noon followed by Seymour from 12 noon until 1pm. Audrey and Seymour are set from 1pm until 2pm with the Ronettes scheduled from 3pm – 5pm.

The role of Orin is due from 6pm until 7pm on Monday 14th June, Mushnik from 7pm until 8pm ending with Audrey II from 8pm-9pm.

In line with COVID guidelines, participants must do a lateral flow test and show a negative result upon arrival. No guests are allowed at the auditions. Candidates should enter the stage door in Market Street and exit through the car park at the rear of the Town Hall complex.

For more information please see BOADS on Facebook or telephone Jean Reid on 01803 858111.

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