Friday, 01 March 2019 12:46

South Devon Players bring Les Miserables to Brixham

The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company presents a dramatic representation of Les Miserables.

Set in early 19th Century France, and follows the story of Jean Valjean, a convict who through the kindness of others, finds redemption; but, having broken parole and changed his
identity in order to make a new life as the kindly mayor of a small town, is hunted mercilessly by Javert, who is unable to believe that anyone with a criminal record, can be anything but evil.

After rescuing Cosette, the small daughter of a woman forced into poverty, from near-slavery, and escaping re-arrest by Javert, he reaches Paris. Years later, grown into a beautiful young woman, Cosette falls in love with a student and revolutionary, Marius. But their marriage is forbidden by Marius's aunt, on the eve of 1832 revolution. The revolution is brutally quelled, and Marius is rescued by Jean Valjean. Javert, who had been taken captive by the revolutionaries, is released by Valjean, but unable to comprehend this kind behaviour from someone who he viewed as evil, Javert takes his own life. Marius and Cosette are finally given permission to marry, and Valjean gives them a diary telling his life story....

This is the dramatic version NOT the musical version of Les Miserables.

Dates: Friday 31 May and Sataturday 1 June 2019


Brixham Theatre, New Rd


01803 415987

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