Battlefield Live

Awesome combat game on a purpose built 3 acre battlefield

3.2/5 rating (46 votes)

Battlefield Live is the revolutionary laser tag game, it’s next generation gaming and it’s here on a superbly designed 3 acre Battlefield in Torbay.

Its the closest thing to being in a game of Call of duty or Battlefield 3... but its for real!

The weapons  fire a harmless infrared beam, just like your TV remote, so its totally eyesafe. Everyone has three sensors, two worn on the head and one on the gun which you aim for. The guns tell you if you hit someone or if you have been hit yourself.

So, unlike paintball or airsoft , Battlefield Live has no  flying bullets, better still no bruising, no mess, and no steamy mask to wear.  As there are no bullets there are NO EXTRA COSTS, you pay to play and its  free to shoot as often as you like!!

If you lose all of your  lives , your gun stops working , so noone can cheat, and the gun will tell you if you shoot someone who is “dead already”.

Even if you do lose all of your lives  you don’t have to sit waiting for the game to end to have another go, due to the  unique “respawning” facility on the medic box. Press the button and you are suited and booted ready to play on, after all that’s what you’ve come to do!


  • £10 per child
  • £15 per adult

Perfect for 

  • Birthdays
  • Boot Camp
  • Schools
  • Stag & Hen Parties


  • Dartmouth Road
  • Brixham
  • Devon
  • TQ5 0JT


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